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Your new partner for exquisite seafoodYour new partner for exquisite seafood
Frui GmbH

The name of our company reflects our personal mission and our primary goal – to deliver a wide-ranging selection of exceptional seafood and fish for your enjoyment: Frui means: Enjoy!

The owners of Frui GmbH have been importing frozen seafood specialties for years and together combine over 40 years of experience in the field.

Against this background, we can vouch for reliable networks in the vendor countries, long-standing business relations with our suppliers around the globe, as well as a passionate and highly professional business approach.

Our fine line of products offers a creative selection of frozen fish & seafood products, mainly for food wholesalers, home delivery services, C&C stores, and the processing industry.

With our wide variety of quality products we have something for everyone – from everyday eating to exquisite gourmet delights.

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